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Diary dates for 2017

Please Note:
With apologies and for personal family reasons I have cancelled my planned workshop at Studio Preniac in May.

Other workshops I have taught 
Design essentials - is about design and composition, a fundamental ingredient in contemporary quilt making. With a personal theme in mind, students will paint papers and combine it with fabrics to create several mixed media collage compositions which could be taken further in stitch and the inspiration for a future contemporary quilt. The ‘Rule of thirds’ and an outline of how we use composition from the world of art will be also included.

Digital Imagery in Stitched textiles   Working to a personal theme, photocopies, are collaged together and transferred onto cloth. Design, composition and basic skills in Photoshop Elements will be reviewed and acrylic painted and embellished surfaces explored. A favourite heat transfer method will be explored with several samples composed and ready for stitch.

Connecting Art to stitch  This is an introduction for all who love stitched textiles and want to improve or revisit ‘art’ techniques that can be used in stitched textiles. Working to a personal theme we begin with drawing, sketching and painting in a mix of media that concentrate on ‘line’, shape, tone, and texture with exercises that also address design and composition. One or two 'paintings or drawings done in class will be heat transferred onto cloth, - the connection from art to stitch.

Colour – Less is more    Colour can be as affective when it is almost non existent, or very subtle and added in small amounts. With a personal theme we will work dominantly in black and white, monotones and neutrals. Design and shape can be more easily explored before colour is added. Composition will be first explored with paper collage and line, then some transparent colour, finishing with colourful stitch thread for a subtle but dramatic effect.

Inspired Landscapes - mixed media with wireform for dimension.   With a photographic landscape source we will look at some simple design exercises, --a long, wide composition as a starting point. With painted, textured paper and fabrics we will create a mixed media collage based on the landscape design. This will include ‘writing’ and be embellished with wools and other surface materials before adding stitch. Students will be able to finish with stitch and texture, including the use of wireform for a dimensional effect to one of the stitched pieces.

Brief Bio    Sandra Meech is a quilt artist, international teacher and author, originally from Canada, now living in the UK. From a fine art and graphic design background her stitched textiles have appeared in exhibitions in Europe and beyond. Best known for pieces based on Arctic Canada and the Inuit, her work often includes photo imagery. A recent theme focuses on the effects of global warming on woodlands and forests. Sandra is a member of ‘Quilt Art’, and author of Contemporary Quilts...design, surface and stitch, Creative Quilts…inspiration, texture and stitch, Connecting Art to Stitch, published in 2009 and Connecting Design to Stitch (2012) all published by Batsford.

Sandra Meech, Art Textiles

2 Mount Hey, Somerton, Somerset, TA11 7PG UK 
 01458 270070      sandrameech@gmail.com
These are images from some of the workshop that I have taught in the past and may again at some point in the future. - Most explore mixed media collage, design and composition with painted papers and imagery and stitch on a personal theme. Some workshops include the use of disperse transfer dyes, as well as art products like acrylic paint, permanent pens and oil pastels.  Other workshops include creative sketchbooks, image transfer onto cotton, and dimensional work with wireform.   Design and composition are very important to me, so there is a strong focus on this aspect of planning in stitched textiles.  I prefer to teach 2 day classes so students and have resolved pieces with fabric and stitch. I am also available for 3-5 day summer schools or retreats.  I am now travelling from Somerton, Somerset UK

More images of my work can always be seen in my books
Contemporary Quilt...Design, Surface and Stitch
Creative Quilts...Inspiration, Texture and Stitch
Connecting Art to Stitch and Connecting Design to Stitch