New Work

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Inspiration for the new 'Meltdown' Series has come from a fascination in melting ice, the movement of glaciers and how this might slowly influence the world's climate.  I have travelled to  Canada - the Arctic and the Rockies, Iceland, and visited glaciers in New Zealand with many photos to inspire. The Franz Joseph and Fox Glaciers are testament to how the glaciers have retreated in the last 100 years. During the visit to Iceland at Jokulsarlon - a bay where Icebergs are trapped until they melt sufficiently to move out to sea, I was conscious of the age of the ice as it melted at my feet on the lave shoreline. Here are a selection of photos  that have inspired the work in this series including an aerial shot of the Atlantic from the plane off the coast of eastern Canada.
From a selection of images with additional marks on paper, and cloth, I created several collages.
Sections of these were then transferred onto cloth using heat transfer paper printing
(T shirt method ). This was then ironed onto white cotton and sections applied together.  This has created a series of pieces in different sizes.The larger Meltdown work is 1m square where some of the smaller manipulated horizontal pieces are about 80cm x 50cm in dimension.  The smallest series of 3 were mounted on canvas and stitched through wireform for dimension.  Orange thread and copper metal were stitched in to represent the heat of global warming and copper acrylic paint was added for effect.
I continue to work through sketchbooks for more inspiration and hope to revisit Iceland again.
These are pages from a hand bound art/sketchbook course that I teach.
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Below is a very new paper collage (2.5 meters wide) which will be converted to fabric and stitch with  dimension for a new exhibition of work with Studio 21, a stitched textile group in the UK.  We will have a gallery at the Festival of Quilts in 2011. - You can see the rough collage and the recently finished work. - I have stitched the large portion through wireform and added copper metal.
Hope to see you at the Festival of Quilts in August.