Thursday, 20 October 2016

Venice after all these years

Just Returned from this magical city

After a gap of 45+ years I have just come back from a few days in Venice.  It is a wonderful as I remembered. When I was an art college graduate, backpacking around Europe I stayed in a youth hostel on the Grand Canal.  It was very different this time with my husband (of almost 40 years) and with possibly 50 times the number of tourists than was experienced before. (and that was mid October).
I have to say, despite having just experienced a cruise to Antarctica on a relatively small cruise ship, (400 people)  I was shocked at the 4 enormous ships in dock - each probably with 4,000+ visitors overwhelming the main sites in Venice.  There is a movement at the moment to stop this as it is affecting the foundations of many buildings nearby.
However, there are many places that are less crowded and it is great to just wander and discover secret places and restaurants for yourself.  It was all so colourful and inspiring. Galleries are plenty for some of the best Renaissance art as well as some stunning very modern art collections. Here are some photos of Venice and our trip to Burano, a must if you are ever visiting.

Burano is a 45minute Vaparetto ride away and really worth the trip.

That's all for now, - my feet are back on the ground and ready to start some new work.  
Watch this space...... thanks for reading...

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