Friday, 26 November 2010

It's about Time

This is Long overdue...
       I have, for some time thought it would be good to be able to share information, events and inspiration on a site like this and until now not managed it. So here goes!
       I plan for these pages to be a mixture of news and the sharing of ideas and observations.  Sometimes there will be a PDF attached with mini workshop exercises to try, or new examples that have come from some of my own workshops.  Some of the most inspired work comes from the time constraints while teaching a class.   So.... watch this space.

      First, just to share some of my current work. I am back in the cold with ice and grey blues - this time with a climate change message - global warming. I have been seeing evidence of this everywhere on my travels, especially over the last few years to glacier fields in New Zealand, Canada and Iceland.
      I begin, as always, working through photographs and painted paper collage, often with pages of writing - this really seems to get the ideas flowing. 
Meltdown 2 & 3
     These pieces are based on a collage of images from Jokulsarlon in Iceland, - the landscape in this bay of icebergs thaat become trapped until they melt sufficiently to flow out to sea.  The end of May, two years ago we were visiting when teaching in Akureyri in the north.  It was amazing to walk along a lava pebbled beach with the chunks of ancient ice that had drifted to shore.....melting at my feet. 
       All are image transfer from paper and photo collage onto fabric, layered and stitch with copper metal added to indicate 'melting'.  Wireform has been used in some pieces for added dimension.
There have been several textile pieces pieces made in this series and in time I will share more images.  
     Earlier this year I  had a small exhibition at the Millenium Embroidery Gallery in London as well as showing these pieces as a member of Quilt Art, the international group of textile artists, at the Festival of Quilts, UK.  
     For now,  Quilt Art's 25th anniversary exhibition will tour in Europe over the next 2-3 years. For venues look on            

More to follow .....


  1. What a wonderful site! Great layout and love the color. So glad to be the first comment. You are an inspiration and a wonderful sister!

  2. I'm loving your artwork based on ice! Great site.

  3. Welcome to the blogging world, Sandra. You won't remember me, but I took a class from you several years back (I can't remember how many)at the Textile Museum of Canada in Toronto. It was a whirlwind and lots of fun. I've joined your site, so will be checking in from time to time.

  4. You have made my New Year Sandra!!! Saw your message on Contemporary Quilt Group and clicked on your link!!! Hoping to do another workshop or two with you this year - Bridport is only down the road for me. Will find out about it. Your work always takes my breath away.!! Wonderful site, thanks for starting it.