Friday, 21 February 2014

The Levels

What a winter we have had so far!   You may have heard about the flooding in many parts of the UK. - Somerset, Gloucestershire, the Thames valley and Surrey.  Somerton, where I live is on high ground, so no problems, but we are not far from 'the Somerset levels' where there has been terrific flooding since Christmas.  Acres and acres of farmland are still underwater, some villages are cut off and it will take months (of reasonable spring weather ) for life to completely get back to normal. On the sunny days we have had, I have tried to capture the beauty of these flooded fields, while always remembering the damage that has been done.

Working in black and white and neutral tones, I have been doing a great deal of sketching and mark making in graphite, ink and pencil, trying to capture the feeling of the landscape.  I can see many of these  images being taken further onto cloth with stitch.  A whole new body of work, I think. 

Watch this space

What's new -
My Design Essential course will begin March 1 at Midsomer Quilting and I hope to keep you posted on some of the progress during the next couple of months.  I have a great group of gals - we shall see.

South West Textile group have an exhibition space "Footsteps in Time" at the Fashion Embroidery and Stitch Show, March 20-23 at the NEC in Birmingham - a wonderful show worth visiting.

Hope you are all well and safe, wherever you are... seems the weather has been creating havoc everywhere since Christmas.

 Thanks for reading and will try and keep you posted more regularly in the future.




  1. Ah, well, even if the weather has been bad, it makes for glorious photos and sketches. As you said it has been awful everywhere. It has been extremely hot here in Australia.

  2. What striking images Sandra - you certainly know how to make the best of a bad lot! I hope you have had sunshine today as we have had in Wales!

  3. Wonderful images and sketches! I can see a great body of work coming together here...

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