Thursday, 19 July 2012

Spring travels

Early this year was the proof  stages of the new book 'Connecting Design to Stitch' and when it finally got to the printer, I could concentrate on other teaching and textile commitments. So, apologies for not updating this site.
In March I visited Puglia, Italy at the Masseria for Twisted Thread teaching 'Design to Stitch' to a great group of ladies from the UK, Israel and Italy.  We visited Polignano a Mer, a wonderful seaside town, - and Alberobello a world heritage site full of historic and regional buildings. The 'Truilli' houses in the whole town were an amazing site. Do you see the blue skies?  The light was wonderful and I wish I could have brought some of that weather home with me to the UK.

It was great to take photos again and what a wealth of different colours and textures to choose from. The spring blossom was a bonus.
The students did some fantastic work and we made bound art/sketchbooks filled with photos, design and collage ideas on their own personal theme.
I will have wonderful memories of that week in Italy - Must get back again to Puglia - there was so much to see.
On the home front - we have decided to move house - Somerset or Wiltshire, so in my spare time  I've been sorting through 16 years of accumulated textile and teaching materials in preparation for putting our house on the market. What a job....
Stay tuned...... and thanks for reading.


  1. Hi Sandra... so wonderful to read about your travels and see your photo diary.

    Just received my copy of your new book CONNECTING DESIGN TO STITCH and love every page. Thank you for featuring many of my favourite artists and particulary your CONNECTIONS friends in Ontario. Congratulations on another wonderful design book.

    I have posted a note on the SAQA Central Canada Blog about the book. Please visit
    to see the story line.

    Bethany Garner
    Coordinator, FIBREWORKS KINGSTON Weekend Workshops

  2. Having just moved house after 17 years I really sympathise. Golden rule number one is make sure you label your boxes accurately so that vital stuff doesn't go missing! Ask me how I know!

    Can't wait to see your new book.